What is a CPO?

CPO is a certification earned from the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) after testing knowledge about use of chemicals, safety, basic equipment troubleshooting, water testing and balancing, water-borne illnesses, and much more.


What is included with your routine pool maintenance?

We vacuum, skim the water surface, clear skimmer & pump baskets of all debris, brush tile and backwash filter as needed, test and balance water chemistry, record chlorine and pH levels and filter pressure, add chlorine (if applicable) and monitor your equipment for any problems like noisy pumps, leaking pipes or valves. We will call you for prior approval if any repairs are necessary.


Is it really necessary to check the pH of my pool when I am adding chlorine weekly and the water looks good?

YES! It is very important to check your pH weekly. When pH is too low, your water is acidic and can corrode your pool surface, your plumbing and your equipment. This will shorten the life of your components and may even result in metals in your water. Metals in your water can cause stains on your pool and have even been known to turn swimmers hair green!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, pH that's too high will cause scale to build up on your pool surface, your tiles and inside your plumbing, pump & other equipment. Your water will also tend to be cloudy if the pH stays too high.


My test kit shows no chlorine, but I smell a really strong chlorine odor by my pool. Should I add more chlorine and is it safe to swim?

Bring us a water sample, which we'll test for free. You probably have "locked up" chlorine (chloramines) in your pool. Most residential test kits don't test for this. We have more advanced test kits that can determine for sure. If so, we will recommend a non-chlorine shock which will "free up" the chlorine that is in your water, oxidize the wastes that are "locking up" that chlorine, and your pool will be safe and swimmable in just a few minutes after application.


Where can I find details about the laws pertaining to swimming pools and spas?

The State of Texas Health Department regulates swimming pools and spas. Click on the following link Texas Swimming Pool & Spa Standards to find their standards. If you would like to print the entire standards document, click on the MS Word Format link near the top of this website. You will probably find the printed copy easier to understand and navigate.